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Novels, Coming Soon..

Under Her Skin

The Imagined Life of Dr. Virginia Apgar

The compelling, reimagined, story of a real 20th century medical pioneer who disrupts the female stereotype and leaves a legacy of healing, friendship, and lasting medical discoveries. 


The Women and Midwives of Twin Rivers

It’s the turn of the 20th century and Ada Pattison is widowed and pregnant, with no means of support, except selling herbal remedies and medicines from her dead husband’s medical practice. Learning midwifery allows her to build her clientele until she is in contention for patients with the town’s new physician. She fights an attraction to him and makes a bad decision, leaving her vulnerable. When she finds true love, it is complex and satisfying, but life’s imperfections abound. As her daughter Marigold grows into adulthood, she follows a similar career path to her mother but is stymied by physicians who purloin patients and discount midwifery skills. Marigold makes a rash decision and jeopardizes her future with her childhood love. After a massive tragedy, she refocuses her career and strains her marriage and family in the process. Ada and Marigold both learn the importance of family, community, and acceptance.