Completed Novel Manuscripts

Kissed by a Midwife

A pregnant widow finds salvation through midwifery in late 19th c. western Massachusetts until she is threatened by repercussions from the Comstock Act, a domineering town physician, and a major health crisis. Her daughter comes of age and her path forward is inspired by the aftermath of a coastal storm but complicated by questions about her potential in light of a disability, the guilty weight of a brash love affair, and the implications of an epidemic. Mother and daughter both learn to serve their community, overcoming societal limitations, and discover a way to focus on family and career. 


Kissed by a Midwife is a family-centered historical women’s novel, set in the fictional town of Twin Bridges, Massachusetts. At a time when men dominate and control medicine and threats loom through repercussions of the Comstock Act and epidemics, Ada Pattison and her daughter Marigold struggle to find independence as medical providers and maintain their dedication to family and legacy in the face of misogyny, disease, and disability. Scars persist, marking time and grief, but acceptance and healing follow.  



Under Her Skin

The Imagined Life of Dr. Virginia Apgar

Every baby faces their first milestone at one minute after birth when they are given an Apgar score—the standard that has helped to save the lives of at-risk newborns since the mid-twentieth century and is still used throughout the world. Yet so little is known and written about the woman who created it—Dr. Virginia Apgar. Under Her Skin is the compelling, reimagined story of a real 20th century medical pioneer who disrupts the female stereotype and leaves a legacy of healing, friendship, and lasting medical discoveries.


Excerpts from Under Her Skin received several awards through Mount Holyoke College including the Clio Melpomene Prize and the Naomi Kitay Scholarship.